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Tehra Dark Warrior for BADA

For centuries, the land of Sistar was laid waste by countless battles between the human race and the Urka'h, a fearsome breed of demons. Hundreds of thousands of fighters lost their lives in bloody wars, bringing both races to the brink of total destruction.

The kings of the humans and the Urka'h saw the need to end a conflict which could only lead to the extinction of both races. So the treaty of Tarkhubal was agreed, and to ensure it was kept, they created an assassin, half human and half Urka'h, so powerful that she could destroy all who tried to break the treaty.

Tehra: Dark Warrior, is a thrilling 3D action and adventure game, immersing us in a fantasy world where Orcs, Undead, Mages, enormous Trolls and beasts unknown to man will walk with us through the lands of Sistar, with the single aim of destroying us. Find hidden coffers.

Seize special objects from powerful enemies to arm yourself. Release the demonic force within you and multiply your power to become Dark Warrior.



  • Enjoy the PSP minis version, with more levels, bosses, combat skills and improved gameplay.
  • Fantastic story mode, with detailed 3D scenarios.
  • Minigames included.
  • Sometimes brute strength is not enough. Increase Tehra’s combat and magic skills during the game.
  • Two character States: Human and Demon.
  • Fluid movements in a totally 3D environment.
  • Spectacular soundtrack which will immerse you in this fantasy world.
  • Spectacular graphics and special effects.
  • Hours and hours of gameplay.